Phil Nace


Phil and Yvonne have been members since 2011. They have a son and a daughter who is married and has two boys. Phil & Yvonne drive a 2011 red convertible.

Jim Inskeep

Sergeant at Arms

Jim has been a member of City Corvettes since September 1995. He currently serves as Sergeant at Arms. Jim and his wife Janet own a 2007 Silver Convertible.

David Nagreski

Social Director and National Corvette Museum Ambassador

David has been a member of Star City Corvettes since December 2011. Having a passion for all cars since a very young age, David purchased his first Corvette, a 1994 Black Rose Coupe, in the fall of 2004. In February 2011, he traded up to his current car, a 2005 Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic Coupe. He is also a member of the Lafayette Corvette Club and has been an NCCC member since 2005. He is currently a National Corvette Museum Ambassador for Star City Corvettes.

Bill Borst


I've been a Star City Corvettes member since 2011. I'm Married, Retired, and Living the Dream, that is "Seeing The USA in a Chevrolet Corvette. Corvette owners all around the country share a very special bond. That is, The Thrill and Love of Driving the USA's only true Sports Car. Corvette Owners are simply amazing people sharing the Dream.

Skip Holcomb


Club member since 2004. Skip and wife Sharon have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren and a 2005 Machine Silver Metallic Coupe.

Willie Hudelson


Willy was 25 when he got his first corvette, a white 1967 convertible. Since that time Willy has owned 8 more . Currently he and wife Carolyn own a 2004 coupe. They have taken many road trips in it and call it their vacation car.

Curt Williams


Curt and Annette Williams enjoy driving and cruising in their Torch Red 1998 Coupe. This is their second Vette and look forward to an upgrade . . .sometime. This Vette has been to Vettes on the Rockies, in CO, the Black Hills Classic in SD and on road trips to Glacier National Park , Quebec City, CA and Nova Scotia with other Vette enthusiasts. What a way to go! Curt and Annete enjoy all travel and all the Grandkids. Have been members of Star City Corvettes and NCCC since 1997. With SCC they enjoy working on club activities, especially Vettes for Vets! Hope to see you there!

Ron Cline


In 1964 at the age of 19, I bought my first Corvette. It was a 1960, 283 4-speed. Rome Red Convertable, what a beauty. I paid $2000 for it, with payments at $103 a month, making a $1.25 an hour. I have owned a Corvette ever since, and even in my old age I enjoy it just as much. I now own a 1993 Red Coupe, that I bought from our son, just to keep it in the family. I still drive that car today. My wife Judy and I have enjoyed many good times with the club and the activities. Social events, Caravan's to the Museum in Bowling Green Ky., and week-end trips down Route 66, Turkey Run, and the list goes on. My love for Vette's have never wavered. The automotive industry has produced new and different sports cars over the years, but the Corvette still remains #1 in my mind